Thursday, 12 June 2014


Joy waits in plain sight.

This week has been one of frustration as my computer required resetting, stress as more changes were rolled out at work, physical pain with storm causing pressure changes and the ensuing headaches/migraines' and emotional depression "stop this treadmill called life I want to get off for just a few minutes!" 

And in the midst of all this I was astonished by profound moments of joy! 
I did not find joy, rather I was truly astonished to find that I could step away from my worry, pain, frustration and depression by being mindful of my surroundings.  When I stopped thinking about me and turned my attention outward there was joy.

I am now consciously  using this strategy of focusing outward - of being mindful of a single moment in time with my grandchildren.  Together we are practicing being mindful of the things around us.  Learning to turn off our minds and turn on our senses and natural intuition to be joyful in all things.
Grandma Snyder
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