Sunday, 1 June 2014

Crocheted Baby Hat with Ears

Panada Bear mouse pig sock mockey

I have been busy in my spare time crocheting for my Great Niece or Nephew due in September of this year.

This child’s parents are unconventional in the most wonderful and play fashion.  Charlotte and Adam enjoy life and love all things with ears.

I have been told repeatedly that all hats that this child will wear must have ears and so Great Aunt Marjorie has delivered.
Hat & Diaper Cover Book 2

Panda Set

Panda Set

Sock Monkey Set

Sock Monkey 

Using the Mouse Set as a template I created the 

Pig Set

Pig Set 
And in my yarn stash I had just enough green for the 

Frog Hat

Frog Hat

The Pig set I worked on at the office and had the hat finished just before the Easter weekend.  An office mate just newly a grandmother herself decided that a baby that was born took precedence over a baby still snug in his/her mother’s tummy and my peers agreed so I started over again.  I like the second attempt better anyway.

I have included the link to the Shelle Hendrix’s book for those who are interested if you click on the highlighted text above.

Grandma Snyder

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