Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Pass it on

I remember the year that my mother made clothes for my doll as a Christmas present. We didn't get a lot for Christmas; as small children we each got something, but even that stopped by the time we reached our teens.

But one Christmas, when I was four or five I knew my Mom, after we kids were in bed, stayed up sewing. I don't know if I knew it then, but I did later, that my Mom did not like to sew, she sewed because she had to! Anyway, Christmas morning I awoke to a wardrobe for my doll -- I don't remember how many pieces, but I know along with the usual dresses there was a little coat -- that impressed me!

As I have four older brothers and two younger I felt obliged to keep up with the boys and didn't spend a lot of time playing with dolls despite of my Mom's encouragement. Although my brothers also had a doll each, they were more inclined to other kinds of play; sometimes though they would play "house" with me.
Grandma as a little girl hold dolls that her mother made cloths for
Barb with friends
I enjoyed sewing much more than my Mom ever did. When my kids were little "Cabbage Patch Kids" were all the rage. I started making soft sculpture dolls for sale. For her 5th birthday I made Trina a large doll she named "Randy." Not only does she still have that doll, but Mina loves to play with it.
Mother as a child holding dolls that Grandma made her
Trina with Randy, 1984
Granddaughter holding the doll that was made for her mother
Mina with Randy, 2014
Trina loves sewing even more than I. She not only sews, but designs and drafts patterns to sell as well. Although she made a doll for her new daughter, she also worked with Mina to make her own doll (after reading the book "Fanny") when she was only four years old.
Granddaughter holding the doll she designed with her mother
Mina with Annabelle
So where might Mina take this tradition?

By Guest Blogger Barbara Burkard

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