Saturday, 10 May 2014

Designing Barbie Doll Clothing

An Afternoon at Grandma's House

Designing Barbie Doll Cloths

Two girls sorting through cloth for their dolls cloths

When I was a little girl I remember sorting through my mother's scrap fabric to find just the right bit of cloth for my Barbie.  I would then cut and sew the fabric on her machine.  I have vivid memories of her sewing machine in the of the dining room, a black Singer.

On my last trip to the Thrift shop I purchased three Barbie dolls for $2.00.  They are not fancy dolls and they work well for designing and measuring.  My thought was that I would sew or knit an outfit for each girl for Christmas.  When the girls found the dolls in my sewing room they proclaimed their desire to 

"design their own cloths".    

So today we found ourselves in my sewing room going through my boxes of scraps and cotton fabric purchased for their Maplelea's.  I think the girls had as much fun sorting through the fabric and draping it around their dolls as they did in the designing.
Draping white fabric around a Barbie Doll
 Their designs were influenced by the movie Frozen with each girl wanting a slit up the front of their Barbie doll dress.

Barbie doll modeling a child's cothing design
Ruth choose a patterned fabric with a drop wait, 3/4 length hem, Disney Princess ribbon  and red hearts.
Rylee and her Barbie dress Design

Great Job Ruth!

Barbie doll modeling child's design
 Emily's dress is a white wrap around with fold over bodice and side slit with back tied sash.

Young girl smiling holding her Barbie Doll clothing design

 Great job Emily!

Grandma Snyder
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