Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Growing Fig Trees in Southern Ontario

Our Grey County Fig Tree

Fig Tree
Early in the spring of 2013 Paul and I purchased a fig tree.  We did our internet research and were confident that we could winter our fig without a green house or space in a sunny window.

Fig Tree Wintering in Garage

Fig Trees Go Dormant in Cold Weather

We moved our fig tree into the unheated garage where we installed a heat lamp and surrounded the pot (root system) with black reflective front-end car bra.  Paul limited watering to once a month during the coldest part of the winter and then with increasing frequency as the temperature in the garage started to rise.
New fig tree growth
At the end of March we started to see new growth appearing and we worried that our tree would become weak and spindly from lack of light.  Remember the only light in the garage was the heat lamp, which ran 24 hours a day.
Our worries were not realized as the growth was very slow and by the time the weather outside replicated that of January in the garage we were able to move the fig outside under a roof overhang to provide some protection.

Fig tree moved outside 2014

April 20, 2014 Our Fig Tree Moves Outside
A new fig starting to grow

We have covered it twice when temperatures threatened to fall too far below freezing.  Our fig tree looks healthy and has started to grow two figs.  We will keep you updated on our fig tree and hope to start collecting fig recipes to add to the blog.

Grandma Snyder
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