Friday, 7 March 2014

Sleigh Rides in Winter

Winter is not all snow banks, white outs, closed schools and shoveling.  Once a winter our small Mennonite Church travels to the home of Gail Veitch and Elvin Martin for a most enjoyable day.
Sleigh Ride

Elvin Martin raises Mules and owns a number of buggies, cutters and wagons which he uses in parades, weddings and for the pure joy of friends and neighbours.

Gail and Elvin also run Bed and Breakfast at Chesley Lake a B&B that is part of
Elvin Martin's Farm and Mules
This year we took our granddaughters their cousin and Great John.  It was Great John’s first winter sleigh ride.  Mother made him wear the bright orange hat that you see in the pictures.
Elvin Martin's Farm and Mules
Following a wonderful afternoon of grooming the mules, riding in the sleigh or wagon, tobogganing down the hills or tables games inside, we all gathered for a pot luck of finger foods.
Sleigh Ride
 A great intergenerational activity for either a family or church group.

People talking over coffee

Visit Bed and Breakfast at Chesley Lake if you are planning to visit Grey County and are looking for a wonderful rustic place to stay.
Sleigh Ride

Grandma Snyder
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