Sunday, 23 February 2014

Early taste of summer ice cream

Ice Cream

Sunny winter day

Today was wonderful! The sun was shining and the birds had started to sing.  The temperature while below zero was still warm enough for a sweater and light jacket to walk from the house to the car.
Ice Cream store closed for winter
Simply Dee-lish Paisley Ontario Canada
The weather was so like spring and promising summer that ice cream came to mind.  But horrors of horrors the Ontario winter had all of my favourite places closed and buried under at least 4 ft. of snow. 
Ice Cream store closed for winter
Caboose Elmwood Ontario Canada
Ice Cream store closed for winter
Stork Club Hanover Ontario Canada
Ice Cream store closed for winter
Bambina's Clifford Ontario Canada

That is when I said a prayer of thanksgiving for Dairy Queen and off to Kitchener Ontario we went in search of a small and early taste of summer ice cream.
Eating Ice Cream

Eating Ice Cream
 Driving home the day was made complete by a glorious sunset.  
Winter Sunset

Treat yourselves to a little bit of summer in whatever ways you can there are still too many weeks of winter left!

Grandma Snyder
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