Friday, 21 February 2014

Brooklynn's Fashion Show

Enily's First Fashion Shop Shoot

During one of the winter storms of 2014 Emily decided that she wanted to create a fashion shoot with her Maplelea Doll and the clothing that she has.

Maplelea Doll 18 inch

Asking her mother's permission to use the camera Emily and her cousin set about creating the back ground props.

Maplelea Doll 18 inch with horse

Dressing her dolls and posing them in their outfits.  Then came the more difficult job of taking a picture that she was satisfied with.

Maplelea Doll 18 inch in Halloween dress

Once Emily was pleased with her picture she saved it and moved on to the next outfit, background and pose.

Maplelea 18 inch doll in winter coat
Once she was done and satisfied with the final product she called me and requested that I post her first independent blog post on this blog.

Maplelea 18 inch doll in bathing suit

I think that she did an amazing job.  We should provide our children access to our electronic cameras and with supervision of allow them to capture the world that they see or as Emily did begin her career in photography.

Maplelea 18 inch doll in bathing suit

Maplelea 18 inch doll in bathing suit cover up
Maplelea 18 inch doll in red dress
So join with me in welcoming Emily into the world of creative photography and blogging.

Grandma Snyder
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