Monday, 13 January 2014

Thrift Store Finds

As a family we have always enjoyed searching for the treasures that a thrift store has to offer.  In turn our adult children have raised their children to appreciate that second hand clothing, books, electronics, dishes are just as good as newly purchased items, cheaper and an environmentally better option.

So it was that Ruth found herself with grandpa and grandma in our local Salvation Army Store.  I cannot remember what we were looking for on this specific occasion however I have clear memory of Ruth sitting herself down in front of the children’s book and puzzle section looking to find a treasure of her own.

Keeping Ruth in sight I moved to the hand craft section of the store and sat down to find my own treasures.  Clearly I was not paying enough attention to Ruth because she startled me when she pushed a knit and crochet pattern into my field of vision and said “Will you make me this?”

The ‘this’ that she was referring to was a Bernat #1312 Colourful Aran pullover & Headband.  She asked that I make in the same colours that it appeared in the pattern.

This pattern is from the 1980s and called for long sleeves, knowing that our homes are warmer now and that Ruth does not like being hot I made the pullover without sleeves thus making a tunic.

Now that the pattern has served its purpose and is no longer needed I will return it to the Salvation Army Thrift Shop for another grandmother and granddaughter to find.

Teaching our children to be thrifty and recycle is important. 

My Grandmother bought it
My Mother threw it out
I bought it back

Grandma Snyder

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