Friday, 10 January 2014

Snowman’s On a Stick to Jazz up Hot Chocolate

I was looking for a treat to serve the girls with hot chocolate after playing outside in snow and I found this great activity on Pinterest .

As you can see the girls had a great time making their Snowmen and were a little upset when they could only eat one.  The rest I explained we would have with our hot chocolate after a day of playing in the snow.

To make these snowmen you will need:
  1. Long sucker sticks - I found the long sucker sticks at our local bulk food store
  2. A bag of Oreo Cookies
  3. One bag of large marshmallows
  4. A bag of Rolos                               
  5. A box of candy cigarettes – I prefer these because they are white
  6. Red string licorice
  7. Small candies to use for eyes, noise, and buttons
  8. I used pre-made icing sugar as an edible glue.

Step One:
Place three marshmallows on a stick

Step Two:
Take the Oreo cookie apart removing the frosting.  Glue one cookie piece to the top of the last marshmallow

Step Three:
Stick two candy cigarettes (or pretzel) into the second marshmallow forming arms

Step Four:
Using either red licorice cut a scarf and tie it on where the first and second marshmallows meet.

Step Five:
Unwrap a rolo and glue it to the top of the Oreo cookie forming the top hat.

Step Six:
Glue the eyes and mouth (black) and use orange for the nose.
marshmallow snowmen

You can store your Snow People in a vase until they are needed for hot chocolate

Grandma Snyder
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