Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Dreaming of a Summer Garden

Cabin Fever

Today was the sixth consecutive day with school and roads closures.   

We look out our front window onto a snow drift that is over 4 feet high and our garden of 2013 seems like a dream.

Gardening magazines are starting to appear as are the seed catalogs and  on a night like tonight I can be excused for wondering is the summer of 2014 is really ever going to arrive.

We borrowed Mom and Great John’s seed catalogues to see if we could dream ourselves out of this winter funk.  
 I have to say it was fun talking about what we will and will not plant this coming spring.  We are going to look into renting a community garden plot and planting a ‘Sister’s Garden’ you will read about this in a much later post.

We also talked about trying blue potatoes instead of sweet potatoes.  We have grown sweet potatoes the last four years with only a few carrot sized potatoes to show for our work. Our brussel sprouts produced three large meals and we will not plant them next year as we have limited space that they produces too much shade for other plants.
We are attempting to winter our two containers of kale if we are successful great and if not we will purchase more plants.  There is nothing like walking out the side of the house in the morning picking the vegetables for my lunch – healthy and spiritual eating at its best.

We are also wintering a fig tree that we purchase last spring.  Theoretically we should be able to winter the fig tree in our garage – I hope that it works.  
We will try the potatoe tower again with just some minor changes and I would like to try planting in breath able recycled bags.
I also read a blog article on growing loofah plants and I would like to try growing these however they need a 200 day growing window and we live in zone 4 where 200 days of frost free growing is really pushing it.

Well they are calling for more snow storms tomorrow so my dreams of warm earth between my fingers, the smell of green grass and the taste of fresh kale picked from my garden is just a dream.

Grandma Snyder
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