Sunday, 5 January 2014


Tea with a Soul Sister

It has been over a year since Dawna and I have sat down together and shared an unhurried afternoon of tea, food, spiritual connection and rich conversation.  
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In the past year I have yearned for such moments - two women sharing a unique spiritual connection free to be:

  • raw knowing no harm will come
  • angry without fear of reprisal
  • silly without annoying
  • empty and knowing you will leave spiritually renewed.

Today we are meeting at ‘The Bicycle Café’ 14 Sydenham Street, Flesherton, Ontario N0C 1E0.
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I am nervous, worried that the long lapse in time will have changed both of us and that this unique connection that we have will be gone, lost to me forever.  It is true that the older you get the more acutely aware you become of the things that are now forever outside of your reality.
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Like the lost opportunities to talk to my Grandma Almeda about her childhood on the farm, and to ask her how she coped with my grandfather's death?  I will understand it now as I am around the same age she was then.

I am writing down my stories so that my grandchildren and possibly great grandchildren will have a small window into my life.  Is that vain of me to think that they will want this gift I am offering?
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Dawna is there sitting in the window and I tell by the energy that surrounds her that my worries are unfounded.  I enter the Café, take off my coat and sit beside her facing out to the small town street.  

All of the time that has lapsed since our last cup of tea falls away like so many dust particles shaken from a blanket before it encircles you with warmth and love.  

Dawna smiles
 and affirms what I already know
- we are spirit sisters


Dawna gave me a very unique gift that only confirms our connection and I want to share it with you.   She gave me a small bag of tiny scrolls called ‘Love Notes’ by Shelly Hannah.  When I am struggling or wanting to refocus I can reach out to Dawna by reaching into my purse and opening one of the scrolls up.…

“Your imagination is a gift.  You can imagine new things that will make a difference to many people use it widely!”

Grandma Snyder

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