Thursday, 11 July 2013

Midweek Posting "Wow is it busy"

July 11, 2013

Midweek Posting “Wow is it busy”

I have to say I am very surprised at how much work it has been having the girls here full time, getting the girls ready  Vacation Bible School, getting them there and back, Soccer practices and games afternoon activities and bedtime routines.  By the time 9:30 rolls around Paul and I are done and ready for bed.  I have also worked outside the home every day except Thursday and Friday (I will get to that later).

Vacation Bible School is a hit! Both girls have asked if they could go next week and were upset to hear it is only for one week.  Each morning Paul and I get up early to get  ourselves ready and at 7:30 am I get the girls up.  We go outside to comb long tangled hair, and at 8:15 having just finished the hair I leave for work.

At 8:30 am Paul and the girls ride their bikes to VBS at Grace United Church and at 11:00 am Paul bikes back to pick them up.

Monday on the way to VBS Rylee recognized a little girl who was playing in her front yard.  Sam used to lived across the street from Ruth and moved about 9 months ago.  Overjoyed to have found her friend again they have spent the week getting back in touch having play dates at each other’s home.  Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons were spent with 

Grandpa at the Pool.  Emily in the big pool playing with new friends, Paul and Ruth in the shallow pool keeping cool: it has been hot and humid this week high 20’s but feels like high 30’s.

I have had a cough for the past 6 days and on Wednesday I took myself to the emergency and found out I have walking pneumonia.  The Doctor became very assertive when I suggested that I could continue to work – nope I am off until Monday.  So today I walked the girls to VBS and home, very winded but I enjoyed watching them play.  Once home we started to get ready for the Church Camping this weekend.  First we planned the menu, then we washed sleeping bags followed by a trip to the dollar store to pick up last minute items like, glow sticks, crafts, etc.

Now not all has been fun and games at Grandpa and Grandma's house Ruth is very angry in this picture she does not want to make the bed she is laying in.  However with some support she did make her bed and joined the rest of us for lunch.

Emily loves cutting up vegetables really she likes everything to 
do with  cooking.

 Kraft Dinner with chicken Hot dogs cut into it, vegetables and cookies a great lunch.

Because of the heat we have started to eat outside in the shade.  

We realized that the table and chair set the girls are using is 16 years old.  Paul made this for James in 1997.

Is there any other way to eat an Oreo Cookie?

Grandma Snyder

Sunday, 7 July 2013

July 7, 2013

Emily and Ruth are coming!

To Spend the Week with Grandma and Grandpa 

Attend Summer Bible School &

The Church Camping weekend


     I am hoping to blog  each day to share with you our adventures together.  I am also considering starting a blog for Grandparents with helpful tips, reviews of books and articles on being a twenty-first century  Grandparent, recipes to make in the kitchen with your Grandchildren (tested of course of Emily, Ruth and James), and many many other things.  I am wanting your feedback on this new adventure I am thinking.
  • Is is a good idea?
  • Would you be interested in following such a blog?
  • Are there topics you think would be of interest to reader?
     Now that I am finished with Graduate School (MSW) I miss doing research and so will welcome the opportunity to research topics of interest to Grandparents like myself.

     I will keep this blog going as a way to keep family and friends up-to-date on the comings and goings of the  Snyder family, and Grandchildren James, Emily and Ruth.

     Today has been very hot and humid in Ontario and has rained off and on.  Now 4:30 pm blue sky and sunshine has finally surfaced.  The weather report suggests that this will mean hotter temperatures and more humidity so Paul is setting up the portable air conditioner ready to run keeping the bedrooms cool for sleeping.

    To keep the heat out of the house Paul and I BBQ vegetables today - so what is so new about that you might say.  Well we realized that we like roasted radishes and that this was something we never had served to us as children or adults for that matter!

These are fresh radishes that we are growing in a container.  The radishes we had for lunch were much larger and from the store (well actually they were from Eric's Good Food Box)

Paul and I were introduced to roasted radishes in Georgetown South Carolina in 2010 at a small restaurant on the board walk called the  Big Tuna Restaurant.

Roasted radishes were on the menu and having never tried this we decided to live on the wild side - now for those of you who do not know us this is living wild.  Well they were sweet with great favour.  Since that time roasted radishes have become a regular vegetable at the Snyder house we cook them alone and mixed in with other root vegetables.  I would encourage you to try them!

The Snyder Fig Tree

     The other thing that Paul and I have decided to try is growing a fig tree.  We purchased a small Fig tree from Grant's Independent Grocery our neighbourhood grocery store in June of this year, 2013.  We intend to bring it inside during the winter months when the tree will be in the dormant stage.

  And today while we were out gardening we found fruit on the tree.

The other thing that we have started to grow are avocado trees (from seed of course).  Now that I stop and think about this - Are we attempting to relive our Hippie years - well I might be anyway not sure that Paul ever was a Hippie.

This seed is two month along it the germination process
Emily and Ruth are watching the progress of these seeds closely.  They have not quit developed a taste for avocado though.  Does anyone have a Grandchild friendly recipe?

Paul, Eric and Alexander are all avid recycle/reuse enthusiasts  and so we have put our small plastic Pom bottles to use.

 Now I wonder if there are any salads that take avocado and figs?  Well I must sign off now the girls will be arriving soon.

Grandma Snyder 

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