Friday, 6 December 2013

Sandwiched Generation - Moving Day

Moving Day 

Between Elderly Parents and Grandchildren
Today was a day filled with equal parts joy, apprehension and loss.   

Great Grandma has lived most of her adult life in a large urban community and today she moved to our small rural town.

Her new home is comfortable, and well-appointed with two bedroom, two bathrooms and sun room.  She did not move into a seniors home and  yet this move should be the last move that she makes: the last private home that she will own.
Neighbours have stopped by to say hello and her Great Granddaughters have stopped by for their second visit.
For us her move means an ease in creating memories and the opportunity to get to know her better as mother, grandmother and great grandmother.

Her move allows us to give back to her  care, love and family on a daily basis.  We are no longer 2 hours way we are less than five blocks.  We are full of joy to have Great Grandma so close.
And for Great Grandma today was a day of apprehension. 

Questions that only time will answer:
  1. Was moving away from friends, church community and a volunteer job a mistake?
  2. Will she be happy in this small rural town?
  3. Will her oldest daughter and family visit and provide care as they say they will?
  4. Is this really where she wants to spend the rest of her life?
For Mother this move has been equal parts joy, apprehension and loss.
With this decision Mother is acknowledging in a way that cannot be ignored that she has started through the door into the hardest transition of her life: independence to dependence.
This is the march of generations within an extended family.   

As I blog Emily and Ruth dependent on their parents play on the floor in front of me.  My sister, husband and I unpack boxes.  Someday these two dependent children will move me as I enter the same period of life as mother does today.

 Evergreen Transfers

I want to thank Evergreen Transfers for moving mother.  This is the sixth time they have packed up mothers home and moved her without incident.
The company and staff were respectful of mother and her belongings, taking the time necessary to ensure her furniture was where she wanted it.

Again thank you Evergreen Transfers

Grandma Snyder

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