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Outdoor Winter Safety

What Our Children Should Wear Outside

Grandpa's Winter Warmth Box 
 Last weekend a friend had his mules in the Holstein Winter Holiday Parade.  It was very cold that evening and in the course of working with his mules he touched a metal pole with his bare hands.  The metal was so cold that it burned his hands, his palms are blistered!
It appears that in Ontario Canada we are looking at an old fashion winter and this means great opportunities for parents and grandparents to play outside with their children.  Being safe in this play is important.
Aboutkidshealth from The Hospital for Sick Children starts their winter safety article with “Children should not play outdoors if the temperature of the wind chill factor falls below -25 C. / -13 F.” because at these temperatures any exposed skin can freeze in only a few minutes. 

Always check the temperature before going outside to play.

Temperatures that will freeze the skin of little people will also freeze our skin so the advice in this blog applies to all ages alike.
What should we wear to play outside?  

Aboutkidshealth recommends that we and our children dress in three layers:

  • Thin moisture-wicking materials such as polyester next to our skin 
  • Next is a middle insulating layer of wool or fleece 
  •   An outer water-and wind-proof layer made of nylon or Gore-Tex.

Now you do not dress yourself in these three layer to go out and shovel snow.  The outer layer should be removed when you are involved in ‘strenuous’ activity as it traps sweat and you will soon be wet from the inside out.  

Grandpa’s Winter Warmth Box

Hats, mitts, scarves and warm socks are a must in keeping safe while playing in the snow.

In a grandparents’ home you can find the essential cookie jar, toy box, story books and at our home there is the socks, mittens and hat box.  Sitting beside the fireplace you will find our winter warmth box and it comes in handy when an extra pair of mitts are needed or someone comes in from a winter walk with wet socks.

 We go to our local dollar store and spend about 15 dollars on socks, mitts and at least two hats.  You should also expect to replenish your winter warmth box half way through the winter.  Somehow once these items go home on our warm and dry grandchildren they stay there. 
Please visit this link to aboutkidshealth as it is full of great information on keeping children safe while they play outside in our Canadian Winter Wonderland.

Grandma Snyder
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