Thursday, 12 December 2013

Love Letters

When I was young my mother had a wooden box in the top drawer of her dresser that contained letters she and my father wrote to each other before they were married. I would sometimes sneak a peak at these letters. It showed me an aspect of my parents I didn't ever see otherwise. These letters also greatly influenced the kind of man I wanted in my life - someone with whom I could share the love of God.

Volker and I also wrote letters to each other, before and after our marriage. I too keep them in a wooden box, along with some other special letters and things.


The two soft magnets were part of a valentine card I made for Volker that said,
"Pumpkins are orange,
zucchinis are green,
You're the best husband
I've ever seen."

The pink sugar cupid was on a cookie he bought for me.

The little shoes are slippers I made for my baby boy.

The child's drawing is from a card that Trina made for me when she was six, "because I wanted to show you that I love you."

My treasures!

When Mom moved to into long term care the wooden box was still in that drawer, but it was now empty and the lid was off. It was looking it's age. I took it home.

Because it had so influenced me, I want to pass that on somehow. My own kids are grown and married, so, I thought, I'd like to pass this on to my granddaughter. We have a lot of fun with mail because we live so far apart. I want her to treasure the really important things in life, the less tangible -- the love we give and receive.

I asked my brother, Myron, who besides being a wonderful photographer, is really good in the refinishing department. Last night he brought Mom's wooden box back to me. Isn't it beautiful! Definitely a treasure box now!


As Mina is only four years old I will wait awhile before I give her this box, but in the meantime I will put a few treasure into it for her.

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