Saturday, 21 December 2013

Hand Crafted Christmas Gift Under $10.00

Gift Sleighs

 Under $10.00

For today’s Christmas craft I went to my Pinterest Board “Ideas to say thank you to staff” and ellyn’s place December 8, 2011 blog post candy sleighs.

Ellyn made her sleighs out of candy.  We wanted less sugar and a more adult gift.  So we went to our local dollar store and Tim Horton's.

Cost per sleigh
A box of 24 candy canes was $3.00
Sesame snaps
Lip Balm 2 @ 1.25
Pen a package of 5 was 1.00
Tim Horton gift card
Total cost

It took us 40 minutes to make 9 sleighs.  

Step #1
Decide how you will assemble your sleigh.  We originally thought we would include an individual package of tissue on each sleigh and we soon realized this item did not work.

Step #2
The flattest item to go on our sleigh was the Tim Horton Gift Card and so it became the base.  

Using just a small dot of hot glue Emily glued the Sesame snap to the gift card

Step #4
Again using just a small dot of glue she glued on the pen and lip balm

Step #5
Using three dots along each candy cane we glued the gift card to the candy cane runners.  You need to hold the candy cane runners in place until the glue is set

Step #6
Decorate your sleigh with ribbon.

I will be giving these sleighs to my staff as a Holiday Treat.

Note: When working with a hot glue gun I always place the hot gun in an oven proof container too prevent someone from accidentally touching the hot tip.


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