Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Fall Craft Sales

Neustadt Fall Craft Sale

This year was the 35th annual Neustadt Craft Sale.  Admission to the sale was $2.00 for everyone over the age of 12 and for everyone else this wonderful form of entertainment was free.

The weather this year was terrible, cold and windy and still people came out in droves.  

 There was the usual requests for gifts and not so subtle hints that  a gift would be appreciated.  

To assist the girls in being attentive to the many sights around them they were given the task of finding a gift for their three pets, Onyx, Max and Frank.

Onyx and Max were given personalized dog tags with their home phone numbers engraved on them.

Frank was given a hand crafted cat nip toy in the shape of mouse.

No trip to fair or craft show is complete without something wonderful to eat and so the girls purchased for themselves Candy kabobs.

Craft Sales a wonderful way to introduce children to the many crafts and hobbies that they can take up if they want to.

Grandma Snyder


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