Thursday, 7 November 2013

Creating a Love of Cooking in Children

Introducing Children to New Recipes

I have collected recipe books for years and when our children were young we put this collection to use introducing them to the love of cooking.

  1.  Learn to read recipes
  2. Explore new tastes and foods 
  3. Shop for ingredients 
  4.  Making a plan in preparing the food and 
  5.  Cooking

Friday evening after supper and dishes were out away we would take out the cookbooks and the children took turns looking through them and deciding what we would cook for supper the coming week.

With support they created a shopping list and on Saturday helped shop for the ingredients that would need in the coming week. 

Once home and the groceries were put away.  We discussion which part of the recipes needed to made ahead of time and we prepared these dishes.

In this way Dianne, Eric and Alexander became great cooks who can both follow a recipe and create their own unique recipes.

As grandparents we decided that we would continue this tradition and the girls were game.

Ruth picked out stuffed peppers.  Ruth loves to eat green peppers and cheese and so the picture was enticing to her. 

Paul and I both had never had stuffed pepper previously.  We all liked Stuffed Peppers.  Great Job Ruth
Emily picked out a strawberry party drink.  Following the recipe she made strawberry ice cubes.  The ice cubes were then placed in lemon lime soft drink to make a cold punch.  We will use this drink recipe Christmas Eve only we will use diet Ginger ale.

Grandma Snyder

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