Monday, 28 October 2013

Trick or Treaters and You

Have Fun and Be Safe This Halloween

Halloween night can be a time that grandparents close the drapes and shut off all the lights praying that no Trick or Treaters come to their door.
Halloween night can be a time when communities draw together in support of children by providing a safe and happy...

Growing up I remember going Trick or Treating and the fun we had,  when neigbhours  guessed who we were or pretended fright at our costumes.  The grandmother three doors down would cover her eyes and cry, "No not a ghost" and we would giggle.  She would then peer through her fingers, "That's not a ghost that is little Marjorie" and we would all laugh.

This Halloween instead of having the blacked out house that everyone passes by, turn on all the lights and participate.

Your safety:
  •  If you live alone invite a friend over or if you have teenage grandchildren who will not be going out invite them over to help you give out candy, get a movie and enjoy the event with them. 
  • Make sure that you remove from your entry way or the line of sight from the door your:
    • Purse or wallet
    • all keys
  •  Do not invite children or parents into your home who you do not know.  Meet them at the door or better still step outside to engage in the nights fun.
  • Decide a head of time when you will stop giving out candy and at that point turn off the outside lights and blow out your pumpkin.  Leave your home well lit and make sure there is a radio or TV going.  Do not give the impression of an empty home.
 Grandma Snyder

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