Thursday, 10 October 2013

Family Thanksgiving Activities

Family  Thanksgiving Activities

The Canadian Thanksgiving is this coming weekend and the weather forecast will favour outdoor family activities.

For the past number of years our sons and son-in-law have taken the opportunity to have one last hike on the Bruce Peninsula.  They have camped in rain, snow and hike in shirt sleeves under a hot autumn sun. 

Their absence means that Grandpa Paul and I do not put on a Traditional Harvest Meal instead we will pick one of our local restaurants and have our Turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie.  My favourite place to date is the restaurant in Harrison Park the Harrison Park Inn Restaurant in Owen Sound.
Link to their menu

 Roasted Turkey Dinnerfavorite

Our traditional turkey dinner includes a mix of white and dark meat and vegetables. Served with our homemade dressing, gravy, and cranberry sauce - Taken Directly from there menu

This week does present with some excellent opportunities to have fun with grandchildren.

#1 Leaf pile jumping:
Children of all ages love jumping into a newly racked pile of fall leaves.  If you have a yard, trees and a rack, invite your grandchildren over and go at it.  Make sure you have your camera handy as there will be opportunities for marvels pictures.

#2 Make a Scare Crow:
Now this is typically a spring garden activity and it is just as fun to do at this time of year.  Grandpa’s old shirt, a pair of jeans, an old hat, gloves, an old pillow case to make the head and face out of and leaves or straw to stuff it with.  Place your Scare Crown by the front door for Halloween.

#3 Feeding the duck:
I prefer to get a bag of corn kernels over old bread but either will do.  Take your grandchildren to a local park where there are birds and let them feed the animals. 

#4 Decorating for Halloween:
This is a good weekend to let grandchildren carve your pumpkin and to decorate your home for either Thanksgiving or Halloween.  Here the dollar stores come in handy.  We give each grandchild $5.00 and let them pick out 5 items to decorate our home and they put up the decorations that we saved from the previous year.  Martha Stewart might not approve but we have fun!

Grandma Snyder

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