Thursday, 5 September 2013

Branson Missouri

Cinnamon Buns and Sun Tea

Paul and I are in Branson Missouri.  Branson is situated at the very bottom of Missouri in the Ozark Mountains.  The City was incorporated in 1912, has a population of over 10,000 and was name after Reuben Branson.  The City is famous for the many musical theaters located there.  This is a good time to visit Branson if you decide to take a road trip as September is considered a slow month.

We are camping at the KOA in Branson which is within walking distance of many of the shopping areas and theaters.  How do we know this?  Today in the 32.2 degree Celsius weather we walked the mountainous of roads of Branson covering about 5 miles.  We walked from one air conditioned building to the next and this is how we met Grandma Ruth.   

Grandma Ruth was born in Saskatchewan where she lived until she met her husband a Baptist Preacher and moved to the USA.  Her youngest son worked setting up the sound and lighting for musical acts in Branson and one day was asked who could provide pastry for a coffee concession, he offered up his mother's cinnamon buns: Grandma Ruth's business was started. A little shyly Grandma Ruth offered that she is not sure why her sons named the business of her.  Grandma Ruth makes cinnamon buns using her own sweet yeast recipe and has added to the menu caramel dipped cinnamon buns.  She makes her own brown sugar and butter caramel sauce to pour over her buns and while we were there she was asked to make two dozen sugar cookies for pick up.

I had the plain cinnamon bun and there was nothing plain about it.  Without exaggerating it is the best cinnamon bun I have ever had, well worth the gluten that I paid for later.  Paul had the caramel dipped bun and while too sweet for me it had him licking his fingers.
Grandpa John  taught me that all good pastry is better dunked in good coffee

  Grandma Ruth’s 625 Hwy 165 Suite #4 Branson MO Phone: 417-231-5900

Sun Tea

Great John Green has taught us to utilize the sun in making large quantities of ice tea.
Start with a large glass jug cleaned and filled with good drinking water
  Add 14 tea bags.  Great John uses black tea and I use Green Tea
Place the lid on the jar and place in the sun once the tea is the colour you like squeeze out the tea bags and you have Sun Tea.

Grandma Snyder
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