Sunday, 8 September 2013

A Camping Kitchen

Camping Kitchen

One of flowering bushes that are abundant in Branson MO.

I would like to say that today's blog will be something entertaining and full of family events and sadly it is not.  Today in Branson MO it is 38 degree Celsius in almost 100% humidity.  It is just too hot and so this blog is being written in McDonald's where you can always find air conditioning and free internet - thank you McDonald's.

How does that old saying go "if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen"  the heat of the past four days has this saying going round and round in my head not an ear worm but a mind worm.  I think that my body is saying if you can't stand the heat get out of Branson ..... but I don't want to leave!  So I will blog about our camping kitchen instead.  (Ok did you all get that segue?)

The Camp Kitchen

When planning your camp kitchen it is important to take only what is required to execute the simple meal plans that you have made.  I will cover camping meal planning in a future blog. 

When planning what you will take on your camping trip I recommend that you start by picking out a medium plastic tub with tight fitting lid.  The number and size of your cooking utilizes will be decided by what can fit into this box.

For the two of us we had more than enough room.
1) A pot to boil water, to cook paste, soup and hard boil eggs
2) a small frying pan for eggs, and grilled cheese.
3) small hand blender for shakes
4) bug nets
5) utilizes to cook with
6) containers for left overs
7) table cloth, dish rag, and dish draining cloth.

All you have to do is bring out your stove and this box and you have everything you need to cook with.

Paul and I are a big believer in this type of carrier for our dishes.
It holds:
1) four settings of cutlery
2) four plates
3) four cups we replaced the four wine glasses with four plastic cup
4) two coffee mug
5) two cutting boards
6) all of our seasonings
7) table cloth
8) Napkins

If we want to go for a picnic we only have to grab this bag and our cooler and we have everything we need in one spot.

Now for our dollar store find.
Our water pail it holds more than enough water for all our needs in the preparation for and clean up of a meal and it folds down and fits into the brown plastic tub when we are done.

Washing Dishes
This is how I learned to wash dishes on wilderness boating trips.  You boil a pot of water and than using tongs you drop your dish rag in the water and use it to wash the dishes.  Utilizes are placed directly in the water.  Your dishes are clean, disinfected and grease free all without the use of dish soap.  For stubborn food use sand to scrub with and then your boiling water.  DO NOT LET CHILDREN HELP with dishes if you are using this method.

With your kitchen well organized it is time for fun!

 Grandma Snyder

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