Thursday, 1 August 2013

Grandparents in the Middle

Grandparents in the Middle

The blog that I intended for tonight will have to wait.  Instead I want to share my experience today of being in the middle of two generations that I have a responsible to.  

 My parents the Great Grandparents

and my Grandchildren

 And I consider myself lucky to have three very healthy, self-sufficient, and happy children who require nothing more of Paul and I than we love them unconditionally.  That is very easy to do. 

Tomorrow Emily, Ruth and I were to visit their Great Grandmother.  Both girls were excited about this trip because we would be staying overnight: we were going on an adventure.  

As life will have it Mom called to say she was not feeling up to having us: she has a very sore neck.  Suffering from muscle pain myself I know that neck pain over time wears you down and I agreed with Mom, we would come another time and I tried to get her to agree for me to come down alone: no.   I was worried because I knew Mom was also looking forward to this weekend: I did not want her to be in pain, lonely and disappointed.

The girls were disappointed and worried about their Great Grandma so I made plans with Eric (their father) to leave early tomorrow morning and have a short visit with Mom.  We would arrive in the morning the time of day she said she is at her best and take her to lunch if she is up-to-it.    

So I called Mom with the new plans and I had to convince her. 
·        “No Mom it is not too much for me”
·        “Yes Mom the girls do worry they love you”
·        “No Mom you are not a bother”

So I will pick up my son and Granddaughters tomorrow at 8:00 am and take them to see Great Grandma. 

One problem solved!

Around 8:30 pm this evening I am just about to start this blog when Great John calls via Skype.  Great Grandma and Great John are a couple the details of how this relationship came about is for another blog.  Needless to say we all love Great John very much because he loves Great Grandma.   

Back to my story, John calls and is looking for help with Window 8 and his new touch screen computer.   

Wanting to help him I work out a system whereby using Skype on one of our computers and calling into John, he was able to see what I was doing on the other Windows 8 touch screen computer.  I was able to show John in real time how to send emails.   

John lives in Jacksonville Illinois and I wish I could be of more help to him.  We did figured out how to send emails because once again he is sending me updates on Cahokia Mounds.

So what am I tying to say?    


The events of today have helped me focus in on two things that bring me joy:

1) Having my Parents alive to share their stories and lives with me, my children and grandchildren. 

   2)    Being able to of  support and to provide care to the generation before me and those that are coming after me.  I do this out of love because Mom and John have provided me support and care and James, Emily and Ruth will provide it to me in the future and I must admit that my children have started to do it now. 

 This is what it mean to be a member of a Family!

Grandma Snyder 

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