Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Grandparents Day Is Coming

Have a Mad Granny Tea Party

Conventional wisdom has us look at Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day as a time where the intended beneficiary can expect to receive a card, phone call, small gift, invitation to a home cooked meal or for dinner out.  A day where they can sit back and be the centre of attention.

 I would like to offer a different way of celebrating Grandparents Day this year. 

 Our Grandchildren for the most part fit into three categories:
  • Too young to be able to plan and execute a celebratory day for us without a great deal of help from their parents 
  • They are pre/teenagers and so are consumed with their own lives: friends, school, part-time jobs, sports, and teen drama.  They have a hard time remembering they even have Grandparents let alone Grandparent Day 
  • Adults who are building careers, families and playing hard.  While they remember us, there is very little time in their day to plan something for Grandparents day.
Now you could argue that their parents, our children should remind them and take the time to plan something.  Well I am not so sure about that.   

As parents they are building careers, supporting their children, trying to find time for each other and eking out what little time is left for themselves.  Where in all of that is there time to plan something for Grandparents Day?

Now we Grandparents for the most part, no longer have daily parenting activities that consume our time in the evenings and on weekends.  We have larger amounts of discretionary time.  We are busy, doing things that we want to do or have agreed to do.  

Here is my idea for celebrating Grandparent Day, we plan the activity and invite our Grandchildren to take part.  We celebrate them because without them we would not be Grandparents.  
Plan an activity that your children will enjoy. 
  • All children not matter what the age love to look at old pictures of themselves or you, plan a home movie day 
  • Take your Grandchildren to a movie that they want to see (close your eyes through the scary bits and take out your hearing aids) 
  • Have a BBQ 
  • Plan a small family reunion at your home 
  • Make invitations, and mail them -make it fun!  
As I talked about this at work today one young mother joined "in have a Mad Granny tea party"– she had gotten into the spirit.  
I will almost guarantee that if you celebrate your Grandchildren on Grandparents Day while you can when you no longer are able too they will come and celebrate with you.

Grandma Snyder

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