Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Canadian Garden

Our Canadian Garden

The weather report is calling for severe thunderstorms again today.  My massage therapist today commented that this summer has not been very nice that there has been “too many cool days and too much rain” and I agree that there has been more rain.  Last year we were watering daily and on those very hot August days twice a day.  This year Mother Nature has taken care of most of the watering  and our Canadian garden is lush and abundant.

Our Garden Is A Labour Of Love

 Our children and grandchildren helped to plant.

They weed and pick the vegetables

Eric takes the cucumbers we have grown and makes relish

 The Bounty of Our Garden

Lemon Thyme
Mint Thyme 
Regular Thyme

This fall Rob will harvest the Thyme dehydrate it and everyone in the family will enjoy it over the winter.

Emily and Ruth did not want to leave any pots empty so Grandpa planted Radishes.


 Roasted radishes is quickly becoming a family favourite

Tarragon grown from herbs bought at the grocery store.
When we opened the box of fresh tarragon one of the sprigs had roots attached so we planted it and now we have a plant that provides all of the fresh tarragon our family can use.

Broad leaf parsley started from seeds.

Tomatoes, kale, and the potato tower.

Watermelons grown in a red wheelbarrow  



Out Our Kitchen Door

  is proof that this years weather has been great for growing a Canadian Garden.

 Grandma Snyder
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