Friday, 5 July 2013

June 1, 2013

What Happened to May?

     It has been a long time since I have blogged.   That does not mean that life has been boring rather that I have been busy at home on the weekends and that I had spent too much time on the computer at work, either way it has meant that this blog has been neglected.

Well there were walks from home to Tim Horton's with Family

James, Rob, Dianne, and Ruth

There was cooking with Ruth

and when Grandma forgot to take the butter out of the  freezer  it was 5 year old Ruth who suggested that we grate it to use in cookies!

and when she was not providing cooking advice she is auditioning to become a rock star.

 One Sunday in May Emily and Ruth invited their cousin to church and we went to the Pita Pit for lunch

Gardening Started In May

The pots were planted at the beginning of May


June 1, 2013 you can see the beans coming up
 and Ruth is smiling over is Rainbow Swiss Chard

 and then there is the vegetable garden that Grandpa built

Emily is planting Brussel sprouts

The picture above was at the beginning of May and the pictures to the left and right were taken today June 1, 2013.

  Emily's Birthday was in May and she got her Maplelea Horse and a riding outfit for Brookelynn

So that is what happened in May 2013 

Now Grandma what happened in June?

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