Saturday, 20 July 2013

How to deal with the things that go bump in the night!

Happy Granddaughters mean a Happy Grandparents

and as we all know if children do not get enough sleep at night.... OK I'm going to be totally honest, if Grandma and Grandpa do not get a good nights sleep things do not go well the next day.  On this camping trip things went very well because Grandpa came up with a brilliant idea.

Our Granddaughters both sleep with nightlights on.  Grandpa and I do not and light disturbs our sleep.  We needed to find a way to meet Emily and Ruth's desire for a nightlight and our tolerance of ambient light when we are sleeping.  Grandpa found small flashlights but they were bright and would run out of batteries too soon, so what were we going to do?

At our local Canadian Tire we found solar night lights on sale for .99 cents.  The price was right and we purchased five.  We were going to use the lights and solar collectors to make Mason Jar nightlights an idea we  found on Pinterest.

However back at home we began to worry about the potential for the jars to break, either during the day when they would be charging or at night as we stumbled in the search for the port-a-potty.  Paul is also a very practical man and he just could not bring himself to break perfectly good solar lights.   It was at this point he started looking around the house for an alternative and he found it in the recycle box.

We drink Pom Pomegranate Juice at  home, we enjoy it mixed with water or ginger and so  in our recycle box Paul found five 1 liter bottles.

 The Pom bottles are plastic (note: I found the old glass bottles to make wonderful drinking glasses) so would not break - one problem solved.  Thinking back on the mason jar idea Paul looked to the plastic lids and his/our problem was solved.

Paul cut a hole in the plastic top just large enough to insert the stake.  Next he filled the bottle with sand to stabilize the stake and to weigh the bottle down. 

A Portable Unbreakable Solar Nightlight was created.  Also should we want to stake the nightlight at some future point in time we just take it out of the sand.

Our problem was solved and everyone had a good nights sleep.

Grandma Snyder

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