Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Grandpa in the Kitchen Shepherds Pie

Time with Grandpa 

  cooking with grandchildren

Emily and Ruth's mother has taken on a new contract at work and this has meant a change in the families child care needs.   Grandpa has stepped up when he can.

Mother and daughters

 Yesterday their day started at 8:00 am.  

A day with Grandpa is packed full of unique activities and the girls look forward to these times with great anticipation.   One of their favourite activities is going to the Library to wonder through the many books available in the children's section followed by coffee for Grandpa, juice and a shared cinnamon bun for the girls.


As a Grandfather Paul has consciously set about nurturing activities with his Granddaughters that are different from Grandma: no competition keeps our relationship healthy and makes each of our time with the girls special. 

He looked for activities that would provide him a needed break when providing all day alternative care (babysitting is not a cool word to use around an eight year old).  He sought out activities that met he need for a quiet break in the day and created an opportunity for him to share with the girls something that interests him.  Spending time exploring the books the library has to offer was just the thing.

As Grandparents it is important that we expose our Grandchildren to activities that we enjoy and that they can participate in, like coffee (OK really the cinnamon bun) and the library.   We also need to stretch ourselves and pay attention to what our Grandchildren are interested in: relationships are reciprocal.  

Child washing dished

Grandpa also enjoys cooking with Emily and Ruth and yesterday they made Grandpa and Emily's favorite Shepard Pie.  We have included his secret recipe so in order to keep it a secret please only  shared with your children and/or Grandchildren.

Child cooking

Grandpa's Shepherd Pie
2 lbs of ground Chicken
1 onion
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 can of peas and carrots
6 medium potatoes
1 cup frozen peas
¼ cup Parmesan cheese
Milk and butter to mash the potatoes
1 Tablespoon of Horseradish Sauce
2 cloves of garlic

Sauté the onions and garlic for about 4 minutes in olive oil and then add the ground chicken and brown.  At the same time have your potatoes cooking.  Once the meat is cooked set aside and mash the potatoes adding the horseradish, and Parmesan cheese.  In a large bowl mix the meat, mushroom soup canned and frozen vegetables and stir.  Divide this among two casserole dishes and top with the mashed potatoes.  Cook for 20 at 325.

Here is the secret ingredients and they must be in this order:
1.      Grandchildren
2.    Kitchen and
3.    Fun

Grandma Snyder
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