Sunday, 3 February 2013

February 3, 2013

  Emily and Ruth take on February's sewing Challenge

To make their Mapelea's a pair of shorts 

 Ruth made Isabella gold shorts with lace bottoms!  

Ruth likes how the shorts look with Isabella's new bathing suit.  Isabella and Ruth are looking forward to spending time together on the beach in South Carolina for the March school break.

Emily made Brooklynn a pair of short but did not bring a top so the picture will have to wait until next week.  Here are some pictures of Emily sewing both her and Ruth's shorts.
Child cuting out a sewing pattern
Child sewing on a sewing machine

Bathing Suits

Maplelea doll in bathing suit
Maplelea bathing suit pattern cut out
I was able to complete Isabella's bathing suit and cut out the other three suits.  Brooklynn and Emily will be wearing the pink and purple suits and the matching fabric for is for Ruth.

Ruth asked Grandma to make a pillow

 she picked out the fabric that she wanted
 She cut out the fabric and remembered everything she mastered last week - good for you Ruth
 Emily helped out by pinning the flower petals together

Ruth sewed the straight edges of her pillow.  The pillow top will be the black fabric and there is a secret pillow on the inside out of pink fabric. 

We were not able to finish the pillow before the girls had to go home so Grandma will finish it this week.

During our afternoon snack...

Ruth found a sprouted seed in her Granny Smith apple and so it was decided that we would help it grow ...


we cracked an egg and planted the seed in the shell


Have a great week everyone





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