Monday, 8 April 2013

Back from Holidays

A Month Away in Myrtle Beach South Carolina


Here Brooklynn and Isabella are packed and waiting to travel to Myrtle Beach with Grandpa and Grandma Snyder on February 27, 2013.  

While they were happy to be going on this adventure they were also sad to be separated from Emily and Ruth, who were flying to Myrtle Beach on March 10th.

Finally the evening of Thursday February 28th arrives and everyone was loaded into the Van for the two day drive to South Carolina and this is a picture of the snow that we left behind.

Here are Isabella and Brooklynn glad to be out of their backpacks and in the sun.

They are outside of Grandpa and Grandma's Snyder's Villa #9 in their new sandals and sun glasses.


Brooklynn is wearing her new summer clothing from Walmart  and standing beside Emily''s new beach pail, and colouring book, ready for the girls to arrive.

Isabella also got new cloths from Walmart and yes Ruth's sand pail and colouring book is Dora her favourite  TV personality.

So it was finally time for Emily and Ruth to arrive and we received the key to their Villa #10.  Brooklynn helped make up Emily's bunk - the top bunk...

and Isabella helped make Ruth's bunk, the bottom bunk.

 So once again Isabella and Brooklynn had to wait but this time there was only one day until Sunday when the girls arrived.


Sunday And the Girls Arrive

And there they were, Ruth running to greet Grandpa and Grandma Snyder 
Great Grandma Phypers and Great John

Arrival At Pirateland

On To The Beach

and a week of great fun.

There was a picnic and alligator watching at Atalaya Castle

Mini Golfing

Dairy Queen

Ripley Aquarium 


Aunt Carla read the girls bedtime stories each night


Smores and Picnics at the Villa


and the Pool

Sorting Shells

 Riding Alligators


 Touring Georgetown SC.

Eating Out

Great Grandma's Birthday



 A Great Week


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