Monday, 11 February 2019

Myrtle Beach February 11, 2019 Warm and comfortable on a rainy day

We started to walk the beach and the incoming tide eventually
drove us to walk the campground.

High tide does not make for comfortable beach walking, too soon our hips and knees begin to ache so this morning we were only on the beach for a short time chased off by the incoming tide.

The sea was rough this morning matching the stormy sky.

This gave us a wonderful opportunity to walk through the park.  The birds and squirrels were very active and when the rain started we understood why.  

Spring is starting to show in the grass where the weeds
have started to flower.

Once the rain started all activity stopped and the music started.  We had never noticed before that the birds sing during a light rain storm ~ the music was beautiful.

The squirrels must have known that the day would be rainy
on our walk they were everywhere eating and filling
their cheeks. 
Once back at our campsite Paul and I settled into our picnic shelter where we spent the afternoon reading, knitting and listening to a book on tape.  Our faux fireplace took the damp off and created a very romantic semi outdoor space for us.

On our walk this morning before the rain we realized
that they have finished painting the pirate of

All day there was a light rain,
our eaves-trough is working great!

Grandma Snyder
©2013-2019 twosnydergirls


our awesome travels said...

So nice to have a sheltered place outside when it is raining, nice that you enjoyed the day.

Grandma Snyder said...

We appreciate having the extra space outside our trailer the Rpod does have a shelter without floor that attaches and with the winds that can come up quickly we have enjoyed not having to worry about this shelter when we are on day trips

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