Sunday, 10 February 2019

Myrtle Beach February 10, 2019 Murrells Inlet and Pelicans

Today pelicans were everywhere we walked in Murrells Inlet.
After a fabulous meal we walked the boardwalk where we found
this guy.

We went out for lunch at Catfish Johnny's
where we have the most amazing meal,
 our valentines treat to each other.

They were fishing off the dock for Blue crabs.

Murrells Inlet has a grand vista where we look
 out on a spit of land and luxury cottages.  

Pelican's waiting around hoping to get some scraps
from the restaurants or tourists 

Still waiting...

A selfie with Drunken Jack 

Do you see the pelican sitting on top of the pole. 
In an attempt to discourage birds from siting so close to their boats
often there are inverted cones placed on the poles
and where this has not been done a bird was perched today. 

Murrells Inlet is a salt water marsh there is no surf and it is just as interesting.

We ended our day at Murells Inlet doing some shopping before heading home.

Grandma Snyder
©2013-2019 twosnydergirls


our awesome travels said...

Love it there at Murell's inlet and a feast at Catfish Johny's a real treat.

Grandma Snyder said...

It was and to think we have been coming for years and did not know about Catfish Johnny’s

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