Friday, 23 August 2019

I learned to make Sushi

Relaxation:  a relaxing or recreative state, activity, or pastime; the act of relaxing or state of being relaxed. 

Relaxed is the best way to describe August 22, 2019.  The day started with a leisurely breakfast after which the men went for a walk while Susan and I headed for Treasured Memories.  

I was in my happy placed as I walked through row upon row of paper crafting supplies.

Treasured Memories is also a place to dream about future projects with walls full of completed projected all beautiful, the creative potential was limitless.

Another fun aspect of this store was the abundance of original art tags that were for sale.

Susan had to pull me from the store (we have nothing like this in Grey County Ontario) and back to the house we went to pick up the men for our day adventure at the new H Mart in Edmonton a Korean supermarket.

We wondered the aisles past displays of fish, vegetables and condiments we had never heard of and given time would like to try.  

Our trip to H Mart was not just a cultural adventure Susan was gathering ingredients for supper – she taught me to make Sushi using her mothers-in-law’s recipe.

Ingredients:  (I learned that sushi is made with short grained white rice)
5 cups of rice makes 10 maki sushi or sushi Roll1 cup of rice makes 2 nori sushi or sushi barVinegar syrup1 cup sugar1 cup white vinegar1 ½ Tbsp. salt.Directions:Combine all the ingredients and stir until the sugar is completely dissolved.  (Don’t mix rice in aluminum as vinegar is hard on aluminum) Pour just enough of the vinegar syrup into the rice to make sticky.  The rice needs to be warm, not hot when you add the syrup.
For agih sushi mix finely chopped vegetables ie. carrots, beans, etc into the rice.Buy: Santa brand Inarizushi no moto (seasoned fried bean curd bags) Japanese seaweed sheets (8” x 7”)For nori sushi lay out a seaweed sheet and spread a 1” strip of the vinegar syrup at the top of the sheet then spread a thin layer of rice mixture on the sheet of dry seaweed.  Put thin slices of 3 items i.e., red/green/yellow bell peppers, cooked carrots, cucumber, mushrooms, thin scrambled egg, tuna, etc.) horizontally across the opposite end of the sheet from the vinegar syrup strip.  Roll squeeze a bit forming a firm roll.  Cut into 1-inch pieces.  Do Not Refrigerate.
For agih sushi carefully open the bean curd bag and stuff with he rice mixture.  Do Not RefrigerateServe both at room temp.  If storing overnight cover with a damp cloth.

Thank you for coming along today.
Grandma Snyder
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our awesome travels said...

Looks like you had a fun time making Sushi but when I want ir rarely, will just buys some. A lot o f works for a snack just for me.

Grandma Snyder said...

They are alot of work and with 4 adults helping the time passed quickly and so good.

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