Saturday, 10 August 2019

Even when you feel ill Saskatchewan in wonderful

The storm clouds from yesterday were very worrisome to our hosts who decided that the tractor needed to stand between the Rpod and where plough winds enter the farmyard.  

For good measure he chained the Rpod to the tractor.

It was a stormy night with little sleep and no wind events however I have started to come down with a cold.

The morning was spent at a local market where we took our time looking at the local produce.

Than back to the farm to spend a quiet afternoon and early the cloud gave way and the sun came out.

With the sun out once again the ditches came alive with colour.

The peas green and tasty upon our arrival are not dried up and ready for harvesting.

Buddy dropped by the Rpod to see how I was doing, drawing my attention with is almost lion like roar.

All the clouds are gone and clear blue skies marshal in the evening.
Thank you for coming along.
Grandma Snyder
©2013-2019 twosnydergirls


our awesome travels said...

nice looking market hope you are feeling better soon.

Grandma Snyder said...

Lots of water and sleep seems to have done the trick

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