Friday, 16 August 2019

Being present with life in Saskatchewan

The best day end with a fire, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows.  

This is was August 15, 2019, it was the perfect ending to a day spent doing nothing but being present with children, nature and siblings.

As is our habit while on the farm in Saskatchewan we go for a morning walk.

The wheat crop stood out today, I am told that the crop is very short this year and not worth picture and I disagree.  Not with the quality of the harvest with how amazing the images are.

I noticed a new colour had presented in the ditches a shocking splash of red.  I have no idea what plant this is.

The other highlights of the day was crafting with my pen pals.

And reading them stories.

This morning August 16, 2019 was spent in a photo shoot of my sister’s family with their farm as the backdrop.


We had a great time as we all worked together to get the children’s co-operation and keeping the activity fun for everyone.

As a reward everyone went to the splash park and had an ice cream cake for supper.

Exhausted I was allowed to watch over sleeping beauty as she slept.

After a morning of shooting Paul and I were not allowed to get away without having our picture taken as well.

Thank you for coming along.
Grandma Snyder
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our awesome travels said...

so much fun family time and a campfire with hotdogs sounds perfect.

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