Saturday, 17 August 2013

Fall Fair

The Fall Fair

Today we took the girls to the Community Fall Fair.  
The event started with a children's parade.  The children followed the Town Crier from Town Hall to the Fair Grounds,
where the Town Crier and the Mayor proclaimed the 2013 Fall Fair open.

We waived and cheered these two young riders on.  They beamed as they went by and the child in the blue helmet said "Mommy we're in the parade".
Look at the boy walking in the opposite direction. The children in the parade are building community spirit assets, they belong I wonder what he is thinking?

The Judging Arena


Emily and Ruth enjoy the judging arena and for some reason this always amazes me.  I am surprised that children who use computers with ease, and live in the city find the tables of first, second and third prize items interesting.

Ruth in this picture has just proclaimed that Grandpa cucumbers are better than these.  She made this statement in a very loud and perplexed voice.

Emily liked the wooden box that is front of her what attracted her attention was wood burning decorations on the top.

" Ok Grandpa what about these vegetables makes them special" and really I had to agree.  The carrots best before date was quickly approaching.

Grandpa took the time to describe to her that the vegetables on this table were being judge on how alike they were in shape and colour.
This was a long table of vegetable art.  Both girls spent a great deal of time looking at the construction, commenting of the different vegetables being used and on what exactly the art was to be.

Look at the contemplation of Emily's face this table really has her thinking.

This was a fun table marshmallow art.

Yep a marshmallow pig.
I can see marshmallow roasting being taken to a whole new level next year.

Ruth wants us to make two of these Tin Can Snowmen to decorate the outside entrances to both our home and her own at Christmas time. 

  • 1 large coffee can
  • 1 medium large (we thought spaghetti sauce) can
  • 6 soup can
All the cans listed above have been painted white.
  • 1 metal pie plate (painted black)
  • craft straw
  • christmas flowers
  • red ribbon

Emily and Ruth made plans for Grandpa and Grandma based of things that they found at the fair.  
Part of our families Christmas tradition is the building of a Rice Cripes Christmas Candy House.  This year the girls are going to ask Uncle Rob and their Dad to build a garage on the house for the Candy Car.

 and we all agreed that we are going to enter Great Aunt Marjorie's Chocolate Chip Cookies in the 2014 Fall Fair.  While we could not taste the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winner we felt that our cookies looked better.

The girls saw two other craft ideas that they thought we should try.
#1  Thanks giving puppets

#2 Succulent Garden Shoes

The Animals

and all fairs need balloon art.

The culture of a community gathering together to celebrate the end of summer and have fun together is quickly dying out.  In our area more and more communities have stopped having this celebration.  I hope our town never does!  As we were leaving Emily asked if Neustadt was going to have a Fall Fair again this year because she wants to go.

Grandma Snyder

Friday, 16 August 2013

Finger Knitting for Charity

A Blanket Made Warmth

In February 2013 Emily, Ruth and Grandma learned to finger knit.  This was a craft that we first saw on Pinterest and when we went looking for instruction we came across this You Tube video.

Emily caught on quickly and over the rest of that weekend whenever she had a quiet moment she would pick up her finger knitting.  

We were pleasantly surprised in April when she brought her finger knitting to our home.  She was just finishing up the yarn from February and was looking for another colour to continue with.  

We asked Emily what she was making.  She was/is planning on making a blanket for a stranger.  

Solemnly she told us how there are families in our community who do not have enough money to keep their children warm in the winter.

Emily went to say that she heard on the radio that they were asking for used winter coats of all sizes  to give to children to stay warm.  Emily was sure her old winter coats would not be good enough to give away because “I play hard and my coats are only good enough for Ruth when I out grow them”. 

Since she did not have the money to buy a coat for another child she thought she would make a blanket to help keep him or her warm this winter and she wants her blanket to be colourful so that it will be both cheerful and warm.


Today in Ontario there is a great deal of discussion around building assets in our children.    

The Search Institute is a leader in this research

Assets are skills, experiences, relationships and values that we teach our children both as parents/Grandparents and as communities.  

Current research has identified 40 developmental “enable young people to develop into successful and contributing adults” Search Institute website

Emily’s identification of a community need and her confidence that she will participate in meeting that needs demonstrates that she:

  • Feels valued and appreciated by adults in her community 
  •  Has participated successfully at an age appropriate level in decision making and
  •  Feels safe at home, at school and in her community

the sum of these experiences and skills is, she saw an opportunity to help others in her community and felt/feels empowered do so.

I would encouraged all of you to look at the information provided by the Search Institute or Google 40 Assets to see what you can do to build developmental assets in both your children and just as importantly in community children.

Grandma Snyder
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